15 Mar 2011

Super Doctor Box

about box hardware
1.auto pinfind all china mobile
support: MTK  SPD SKY ADI Infineon  mstar Anyka SI NXP
2.auto switch VCC and GND
perfect hardware support VCC and GND auto switch first in the word
3.Oscilloscope function help you repair mobile hardware
powerful the BOX support oscilloscope,support mobile hardware repair 

about box software
Ⅰ- MTK function
(suppor MTK 6205\6217\6218\6219\6223\6225\6226\6227\6228\6229\6230\6235\6238\6239\6253\6268)
read info: read mobile software information(CPU Type Flash Type software ver and more information)
read flash: read back the mobile software,save flash file!
write flash: write flash to mobile,repair mobile,change language,
Format: easy repair mobile,no need flash file,full factory,unlcok
Tracker: read mobile software information,unlock code,repair touch screen,audio edit,BT repair,IMEI repair and more
IMEI: change imei function support(two imei)
Ⅱ- spreadtrum(SPD)
support SPD 6600D\6600M\6600E\6600H\6600I\6800\8800\6600L\WT6226 and more
read info: read mobile information,IMEI,flash type,cpu type and more
read flash:read back mobile flash file(save to computer)
write flash: write flash to mobile,repair mobile software,change the language
Format:easy repair mobile software(no need flash file)full factory set
unlock:read the mobile unlock code
IMEI: support imei repair (two imei)
Ⅲ- unusual cpu type
support NXP INFINEON Anyka SI ADI SKY Mastar
support read flash write flash
infineon support repair after flash can't read SIM
NXP support all china mobile and samsung like D500
Anyka support format read the unlock code
ADI and SKY support read flash and write flash
SI4904\4901 support SI read info read flash write flash read the unlock code

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